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April is my lucky day

No matter how ordinary life is, it will inadvertently bring us some warmth. The days at the Yan's house were gray, but through the gray sky, there would always be a wisp of sunlight to warm me, and there would always be a burst of [清风] to comfort me. That was April, which belonged to me.


The white silence

In early spring and April, the weather suddenly became warm and cold. The cherry trees in the community seemed to be testing something, and the pink and bright light was not seen for a long time. Looking up, the sky was overcast and Mengyin, and the whole community was silent, as if sighing in confusion

Maybe it was because of the re emerging pestilence that even the God was trembling with fear. On the early morning of the second day, the temperature dropped a lot, and the piercing cold made people shiver. I put on a thin down jacket and waited in line at the acid sample point. I saw the big [白阿姨] here. They moved the table to the place where the sun rose. What surprised me more was that they were surrounded by thick blankets around the plastic simple shed, so that the [小天] area was not windless, and the residents who came to do the acid sample could avoid the cold wind.

The team is moving forward. In the past ten minutes, I have witnessed the hard work of [白阿姨] in the cold wind. They are nervous and fast to work, taking photos, recording and taking samples; One, two, three; Seeing, touching, feeling; The two of them had been working there for a long time, three in groups. After that, I can go back to my warm home. They were ordinary people without any complaint. The white mass was so pure, so considerate and flawless.

White, cold and monotonous as it is, Moore's bravery gave us safety, and their silent sacrifices were the small fortune hidden in our lives. It warmed both of us and the whole city.


Green warmth

The sunshine in April was warm and soft. The cherry trees in front of the building stretched out their branches and leaves. The cherry blossoms were as white as snow and pink as rosy clouds, blooming freely and brightly in the quiet community. I'm intoxicated in this beautiful spring. How wonderful it would be if I could go downstairs and enjoy the scenery!

Suddenly, the faint sound of music came to their ears. Yes, the walking loudspeaker began to broadcast again. "Dear brothers, sisters, please go downstairs quickly. Have a look at the beautiful scenery downstairs. You are in a good mood all day long."

I quickly put on my clothes, took my ID card and small card, and responded to the call to go downstairs to do the DNA test. In just a few steps, my eyes were filled with green grass, delicate flowers, laughing children, and fresh soil fragrance. All of these made me suddenly full and happy.

Today is the seventh day in a row for making acid. I'm so excited to see you give me gifts. What kind of gifts would be sent in the neighborhood? Along the way, many people came and went with a mask in their hands. When she arrived at the spot, she found that boxes of masks were neatly placed in the blue shed. She took her body temperature, checked the travel route and Kelvin size, and waited in line. Finally, she made the DNA. I got a mask just like others. "Thank you, Auntie!" I looked at a female volunteer with a mask and said. The mask was grass green with white ropes on both sides. Although it was ordinary, it was heavy in her hand. He had been working with her for seven days.

On my way back, I said, "dear baby, little cutie, go downstairs and do the DNA test!" We are used to this kind of style. Every morning, the whole community was surrounded by the sweet sound of calling the building. This was the love song, wasn't it?

The workers of the community property management know public opinion and stick to the public's will. This is also a small fortune I have met. The community is a family, not family.


The colorful red light

April finally came to its end. The weather was as warm as a day. The evening cherry blossoms were full of flowers. They bring vitality and beauty to my family life.

Dad is working overtime, and mom takes us alone. We are afraid of being infected with the virus, so we haven't gone out to buy food for a long time. The fridge at home was not the pocket of [哆啦A梦]. [天一] days had passed, and it was almost full. Her mother was very depressed. After all, "it's difficult to cook without rice for a skillful woman.". Just when we were in the most difficult time, the fat granny called and said that she happened to go out to buy something today. Thinking that no one in our family went out to buy food, she brought some for us by the way. My sister and I ran down like two rabbits, and a gust of wind blew in our ears. She opened the bag and saw fruits, vegetables and our favorite snacks. There were pink apples, orange yellow oranges, all kinds of green vegetables and all kinds of snacks. Normally, these food could only be eaten by ordinary people, but now, in the past month, they hadn't seen such food for a long time. These things were simply divine delicious food! When they suddenly jumped in front of us in unison, I felt like I saw a gorgeous rainbow, as if I had tasted sweet dew and liquid. These food brought happiness to the dull life; They were colorful candy, which made their light life more sweet.

My cousin brought my favorite milk tea. I haven't drunk milk tea for a month. I'm talking about it at home every day. At that moment, I suddenly found that happiness is actually very simple. Maybe a cup of milk tea can make us happy. During the period of the pestilence, I learned the emotions that I couldn't understand in normal times and the truths that I couldn't understand in normal times.

The sacrifice of our neighbors and friends is a good memory between us. This is another small fortune I have received. They are my colorful vision, taste, smell, and constantly enrich my personal experience.

It was another morning. Outside the window, the sun was shining and the breeze was blowing. Although the cherry blossoms quietly left, the roses on the balcony were coming. The warm pink color, the romantic light yellow, the dreamy lilac, and the overlapping petals, like my current state of mind, quiet, happy, full and rich. They danced with the wind, bringing vitality and peace to the clear balcony, taking away anxiety and irritability. This is a beautiful scenery line of my home.

Spring has only a little tail left. My sister and I will discuss with each other and move all the roses in our house to the two sides of the aisle tomorrow, so that the children who come to do the DNA can enjoy the flowers all the way to the beauty, and to go to May