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Jane in her class

He, from time to time, had a ruddy but sallow face, revealing a bit of naughtiness; His fist, which was not as big as an egg, flashed with some old writing methods.

他这人不足为奇,可是他的个子却成了他地地道道的标志——啊,没错,就是他,我们班鼎鼎大名的“林妹妹”!因为他,虽然有时弄得我们班“鸡飞狗跳”,但也使班里富有生机与活力。“林妹妹”这绰号,听上去还以为是女生,哦不不不,他可是正正宗宗的“中国男儿”,就因为他刚来时体弱多病 ,才有了这样一个“花名”。这样的小个头 ,对我的影响却数不胜数!
He is not surprising, but his height has become the symbol of his underground -- ah, yes, it's him, the famous "sister Lin" in our class! Because of him, although sometimes our class was "in turmoil", it also made our class full of vitality and vitality. The nickname "sister Austin" sounded like a girl. Oh, no, no, No. he was the real "Chinese man". Just because he was weak and sick when he first came, he had such a "flower name". Such a small figure has countless influence on me!

Let me talk about his study first. There was a dark horse in our class at the end of last semester's final exam. Yes, it was him! He asked for leave from time to time because of his illness, but he got the crown. It was really unexpected! Therefore, under the gaze of everyone, he stood on the stage leisurely and confidently. Because of this matter, I have been following his example and moving forward courageously.

His persistence in sports has the most impact on me. He remembered that in the past, he couldn't even do one body lifting. So he "invited" me to teach him how to move upward. You know, I didn't do much at that time. But I have no choice. After all, he is my good friend and has the title of "sister"! So I practiced running with him every night and then practiced body refining.

She remembered that when she went back to school after the holiday, I saw that there seemed to be something wrong with "sister Jane", so she asked the truth, trying to know the whole story. It turned out that "Jane" had been practicing body lifting on the weekend. She didn't expect that she would fall down from it and break half of her front teeth! At that time, I was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh when I heard his words. But when I thought of his insistence, I admired him very much. On the second day, when I was hanging the assembled single bar in my house, I fell down hard. In an instant, I felt my internal organs were almost broken. I and he are both suffering from the same kind of illness, so we haven't fought against each other for several days. A few days later, I found that he began to practice after running. His hands were getting rough, but he continued to practice without hesitation. I thought, 'how can I lose to the thin "sister Jane"? There should be constant virtuous competition between us! So I began to cultivate the body refining skill. Finally, under his influence, I triumphed over myself. Of course, during this period, while I helped him to improve his body, I was also making progress. We can imagine the degree of our progress. As far as I'm concerned, sister Austin can do five body lifting moves. As for me, the secrets of heaven can't be leaked!

Second, although he is thin, he is much better at jumping off the rope than me! This has affected me again, because since my mother saw him insist on practicing jumping the rope, my second foot on the small boat... Through these things, I have a deep impression on him, and his impact on me is unparalleled. We are constantly making progress and surpassing ourselves!