你认识上海的花公子吗? 和Eatwith在老石库门精致花艺空间里品尝湘菜本帮菜融合料理

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Since 2014 we've been on a quest to reconnect people together during travels.

Harnessing the relation between food & people, to make each meal more meaningful.

We are a community letting people experience the power of sharing food.




Everyone has their own garden in their heart, which is a gift from nature.

Let’s take a look at how this group of young people who dare to see, laugh, and dream use love to turn interest into a hobby and hobby into life. In this world, they can create their own garden with the retro Republic of China and bring this culinary journey to their audience.

/ 东道主介绍 /



/ About your host /

Hello, I am Huagongzi, a host at Eatwith in Shanghai. I used to be the chief florist at a well-known flower shop. Now I run a private dining place in Shikumen, Shanghai, which focuses on floral art, with three other friends. I was born in Hunan Province and when I was a child, I liked to play things with history and stories around the village. After I stepped into society and saw prosperity, the feelings of my childhood were recalled. The old Shikumen, objects with stories, plants, and animals that accompanied represent the yearns of life. After coming to Shanghai, I was deeply attracted after passing by a stone warehouse near the Chenghuang Temple. It came to me that I wanted to set up a Shikumen with flowers, private dining, and banquets. I hope to witness the prosperity and homeliness of Shanghai with everyone.

/ 体验介绍 /



/ Experience introduction /

Following the old alley and stepping into Shikumen, it seems to take you back to the 1920s and 1930s. This is a private space decorated with floral arrangements. Exquisite old houses, antique furniture of Shanghainese style, blooming flowers, you can feel the heaviness of history, but also the modern and elegant high-end aesthetics. 

Our host and his friends carefully arranged this old bungalow as their floral studio and private kitchen. They only used to entertain private friends here. Because of their passion, they have put a lot of dedication into every room. They scooped up all kinds of objects with their heart and arranged every site like a movie scene. They tried their best to restore the old Shanghai atmosphere with vicissitudes and prosperity. They will also decorate private rooms and arrange floral arrangements according to different seasons. Entertain friends from all over the country with their Hunan cuisine cooking skills and enjoy the wine.

/ 体验亮点 /

⚡️ 以鲜花花艺为主的私房菜馆,集餐厅、空间美学、花艺、植物布置、花园打造为一体

⚡️ 在历史悠久的花园老洋房用餐,精心淘来的海派复古古董家具,日式餐盘,用来做旗袍的绸缎制成的桌布,每一个场景都是精心布置,随手一拍便是复古大片

⚡️ 东道主为你介绍老房子历史、古董家具背后的故事,以及顶级花艺布置分享

⚡️ 结合时令食材,应季鲜花布置为主题的创意湘菜

/ Experience highlights /

⚡️A private dining space with floristry as the mainstay, integrating with dining, spacial esthetics, plant layout, and garden creation

⚡️ Dine in an old garden house with a long history, hand-selected Shanghai-style antique furniture, Japanese-style tableware, and tablecloths made of silk used for a cheongsam, creating an academy-rewarded historical movie scene

⚡️ The host will introduce you to the history of the house, the stories behind the antique furniture, and the top floral arrangements 

⚡️Creative Hunan cuisine with seasonal ingredients and flowers as the decoration

/ 菜单Menu /


凉菜 Cold dishes



Clams salad with secret sauce, 

Beef with roast pepper, 

Chilled crayfish, 

Plum-infused cherry tomatoes 

热菜 Hot dishes




Jimi Town Ssangyong, 

Bifengtang Creamy Crab, 

Octopus with bamboo Shoots, 

Steamed Ham with wild Yellow Croaker, 

Sauteed Seasonal Vegetables

汤羹 Soup


Jade bamboo simmering free-ranged chicken

甜品 Dessert


Peach gum with cubilose, Fruit platter

主食 Staple food




凉菜 Cold dishes



Raw marinated prawns, 

roasted peppers with beef, 

Chopped peppers with century eggs, 

Clams salad, 

Sliced tofu skin with crunchy vegetable

热菜 Hot dishes




Pig's feet simmered abalone, 

Braised pork with dried plums, 

Fish head with chopped pepper cooked in Casserole, 

Simmered beef with green beans, 

Stir-fried seasonal vegetables

汤羹 Soup


Mushroom broth

甜品 Dessert


Lychee and Tremella Soup,

Fruit platter

主食 Staple food









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